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Goat Simulator Too much fun

Tutorial Name: Goat Simulator Too much fun  

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Too much fun

Kill 7 zombies with one minifun

This can be done in \'GoatZ - Tutorial.'

Work your way through the tutorial until you get to the stage where two crates are dropped from the ceiling. Headbutt these crates and one of them will include a Minifun gun (a minigun). Press to lick it and you will equip it.

From the same hole in the ceiling will drop a number of zombies. Be careful as any mutators you selected will not be equipped, so they can kill you. Standing in one corner, let a good amount of zombies spawn. If they move towards you, avoid them by moving around the room. When you have some bunched together, press to fire the Minifun (it needs to rev up so you won\'t shoot anything for the first second or two). You need to kill 7 zombies before you run out of ammo, so just pulse the trigger as it only takes a couple of rounds to kill a zombie. Keep moving around the room and shooting until the achievement unlocks. If you happen to die or run out of ammo before you kill 7, just restart the tutorial and try again.


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