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Fable Heroes World Champion

Tutorial Name: Fable Heroes World Champion  

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World Champion

Achieve a Gold Medal in every level. This also unlocks a tile on the Inner Board.

The best strategy is to play the game until you unlock all the abilities with one of your characters, and unlock as many of the other achievements as possible, to "unlock inner tiles". At this point, your character will be moved into the inner tiles of the ability board. Here, when you roll the die and land on a tile you can buy perks that will grant you special abilities for 1 level. These will greatly help you increase the chance of getting gold on the levels. Once this happens, start replaying levels to get the gold grades.


Make sure to use 3 longed ranged puppets with almost no abilities as your teammates, allowing you to collect the most gold as the main player.
The best perks to get are Coin Magnet, +1 multiplier, and not losing multiplier for being hit. If you can manage all 3 for the same level, you are basically set for gold.
Mini-games give 5,000 gold in Albion and 10,000 in Dark Albion. Keep these in mind when deciding between paths. Boss paths often give less than mini-games, but if you are too short, they are worth a try.
Break objects (like fences and boxes) to keep your multiplier strong.
Use extra controllers. This method will take longer, but for every controller you add, you'll be adding additional gold for your main character to play. Adding 3 idle controllers will literally give you all the gold, assuming you have the right perks.

Below are the levels and the goals you need to reach for the Gold medal:
Millfields: 30K/60K
Gravestone: 25K/40K
Misspeak: 40K/70K
The Cloud: 65K/90K
Hobbe Cave: 45K/65K
Bowerstone: 50K/35K
Aurora: 60K/90K
The Credits: 55K/70K

Note: We recommend to keep track of your scores and medals yourself. It can nearly impossible to decipher between different medals on the Dark Albion board. You can also view the leaderboards to see what the highest score you gained was and compare it to the values needed using LT But and RT But


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