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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon The Only True Stopper

Tutorial Name: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon The Only True Stopper  

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The Only True Stopper

Headshot Every Type of Enemy

There are 11 different enemies in the game, so make sure you are on the lookout for them when liberating a garrison or tackling the main quests. Be sure that every time you see a new enemy you try to take them out with a headshot. The bow, Kobrakon sniper rifle, or a point blank blast from a shotgun all work well. For the two classes of Heavy enemies you will need to soften them up first or shoot them in the head multiple times with two exceptions: you can shoot them in the NECK with the bow (rather difficult, but still counts), or shoot them with an explosive round from the Kobracon (aim at the top of their head to more consistently get a headshot, and not an explosive kill, which doesn't count).

Make sure to note the differences between every enemy. Most of them can be told apart from the weapon they are using. Also, if you are using your "binoculars" to tag enemies, you will notice unique icons above their person which specify which category they fall under: Assault, Sniper, Runner, and Heavy. Below, you can see a list of all enemy types:

Assault - wielding a Fazortron Machine Gun
Elite Assault - wielding a Fazortron Machine Gun
Elite Assault - wielding a Galleria 1991 Shotgun
Sniper - wielding a Kobracon Sniper Rifle
Elite Sniper - wielding a Kobracon Sniper Rifle
Runner - wielding Molotov's
Heavy - wielding a Terror 4000 Gatling Gun
Heavy - wielding a Flamethrower
Undead - wielding a tantoo knife
Undead - wielding Galleria 1991 Shotgun
Undead - wielding Molotov's
Be sure to score your headshots on all the Undead enemies before completing Mission 6 because they DO NOT respawn around the island post-game.

Additionally, make sure you do not miss the "Elite" variants of the Assault and Sniper soldiers. You can tell the Elite soldiers apart from their standard counterpart by their yellow outfits, whereas the regular soldiers have red/pink outfits. Overall, this achievement shouldn't be a problem if you are taking the combat slowly and making sure you headshot every new enemy you encounter across the main quests.

Note: This achievement is known to be glitchy, with headshots not always counting, so always try to aim for the head whenever possible.


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