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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Dragon Slayer

Tutorial Name: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Dragon Slayer  

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Dragon Slayer

Kill 25 Dragons

Whenever you come across a wild Blood Dragon, simply kill it by any means. The Dragons appear less frequently around the island post game, so it is suggested to work on this achievement right away after liberating the first garrison.

A great method to killing these Blood Dragons is to camp out near a liberated garrison. The Blood Dragon will not be able to enter if the force field is up, but you will be able to damage it with explosives and gunfire from inside. Another great reason this tactic works best, is because it allows you to constantly refill your inventory (grenades, mines, ammo) once you are running low on firepower.

If you have already beaten the main storyline, the Blood Dragons will spawn less frequently; however, you can follow this method below to boost the remaining Dragon kills.

From the Main Menu, select "Campaign" then "Continue."
Fast travel to the garrison located at X: 521.7, Y: 466.6.
After spawning, exit the door to your right and proceed up the hill to the left.
Throw a Cyber Heart, which will spawn a Blood Dragon.
Kill the Dragon any way you want, although the Killstar is definitely recommended.
After eliminating the Dragon, pause your game, and select "Save Game."
After saving, press to exit to the Main Menu.
If you still need kills after completing the game, the easiest place to farm them is the first garrison you captured (x521.7,y466.5). A dragon will spawn immediately South of it about 75% of the time if you wait around 2-5 minutes between attempts. Another location to check out is the NW base which is probably the second most common to have a Dragon nearby, with the added bonus of having a rapidly respawning medpack pickup a few feet away from where you arrive when you fast travel there. If you only need Dragon kills, check both garrisons and kill the Dragons if they're there. Save. Exit to menu. Load the save and repeat. One/usually both of the Dragons should be in their usual spawn areas, allowing you to kill one or both of them before relogging again and repeating the process until you have your kills. Much faster than spending an hr and a half running in circles like me.


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