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Foul Play Vaudeville Legend!

Tutorial Name: Foul Play Vaudeville Legend!  

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Vaudeville Legend!

All Stars collected

Each level has a possible of five stars to achieve, dependant of how many points you get. Each level has different point thresholds for star ratings, but the key is to keep your mood meter (the thing at the top) as high as possible; ideally at four as much as possible. The key to this is to keep your combos going. Once you have the flurry attack unlocked this will be your best freind. to parry, then . You can swap out the final with a to throw, with is useful if you have bigger enemies on the screen. This knocks them down so you can pick them up and do a flurry attack on them. You can use to forward flip towards the next enemy when you are landing if they are out of range.

The hardest level to get five stars on by far is Play two, Act five. This is a boss level, and the boss has a few cheap attacks. There are not many small enemies, and the ones that do appear don't attack to often and when they do, it is normally when the boss is attacking, so you are in real danger of getting hit by one or the other. Try and stay away from the boss when the small guys are there, and pick them off one by one. Remember to use your special when you have it, as points are really precious in this level.

You can use the Scarab Shell and Werewolf Claw charms if you have them (second and fourth to unlock) if you have them, as they raise the mood meter quicker and make it drop more slowly if you get hit.


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