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Tutorial Name: Gauntlet  

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High Score

Acquire an Xbox Live CO-OP score of 100,000 using default settings

For this achievement, you must achieve a score of at least 100,000 on Xbox Live with other people. This may get tricky, because every time you die, your score resets itself back to 0. Try to stay behind, and accumulate points slowly so you don't die. Another tactic is to play with your friends on a level where there is a spot where you can sit in one place and keep killing people until you get to 100,000.

Now, I will describe the characters for you, so you can choose which character you like the best.

Thor, the Warrior, is the slowest character in the game. He is also the strongest character in the game. His color is red, and he has a melee attack, meaning that he can defeat stronger enemies simply by running into them. Be careful when using this tactic, however, as you get hurt more by using it a lot. Pick this character if you like small levels where there is only one or two spaces in a hallway so you can get in front of everybody to get all of the kills.

Thyra, the Valkyrie, is the second fastest character in the game. Her strength is about medium. Her color is blue, and she has a melee attack, meaning that she can defeat stronger enemies simply by running into them. Be careful when using this tactic, however, as you get hurt more by using it a lot. The Valkyrie is basically a speedy, average character that you should pick if you want strength and speed, even if they are reduced slightly.

Merlin, the Wizard, is the third fastest character in the game. His strength is a little bit over average. This character does not have a melee attack, so try not to run into the middle of several enemies. Personally, I think that the Warrior is the worst character in the game, but you might want to choose him for his fairly high strength.

Questor, the Elf, is the fastest character in the game. He is also the weakest character in the game, even though his strength is just slightly below Thyra's.
This character does not have a melee attack. You should pick the Elf if you like getting in front of everyone to take the food, magic, and treasure, or just if you like moving and shooting quickly.

If you want to play serious co-op, you should keep these things in mind:

-Always let the person who is lowest on health get the food.
-Always let the wizard get the magic.
-Be mindful of where you are shooting to avoid shooting food and magic.
-Don't trigger switches or walk into teleporters if you don't know what they do.
-If you don't know what to do, and another player has advice for you, listen to it.
-Be careful not to shoot your partners in the later levels when shooting your partners stuns them.

Now, here is the world-famous Gauntlet glitch. Well, it's more like a cheat, and there's actually two of them here.

Glitch Number One: On Level 1, kill the ghosts and the generator and go to the bottom of the screen where the gate is. There will be a gate, a key, and an exit. This glitch is only helpful if you want to use the other exits in Level 1 to go to Level 4 or Level 8. All you need to do is wait by the gate, and it will eventually disappear, as well as the large one in the upper right corner of the level, saving you a key or possibly two. There is an invisible timer that starts counting down as soon as the level starts, and when it reaches about 32 seconds (I've timed it 3 times) the two gates should disappear. I think this cheat may be somewhat applicable with other levels, but I'm really not sure.

Glitch Number Two: This is the really helpful one. It works on any level as far as I know. However, you wouldn't want to do it on any level. Before attempting this glitch, make sure you are on a level that has a spot where everyone in the game can get to a spot to stand still where no one can shoot them, preferably in the beginning of the level. Once everyone is in a spot where no enemies can hurt them, everyone must stand still for 180 seconds. Make sure everyone has at least 205 health before attempting this. After everyone has stayed still for 180 seconds, every wall in the level will turn into an exit. Everyone can shoot as much as they want to, as long as nobody moves the left control stick. Early, in the game, this is extremely helpful on Level 10, which is very hard to beat. It is also helpful on Level 14, which is essentially the same level as Level 10.

There is a very annoying glitch which hikes up the ingame high score to 6.7 million or more. It should be 8000. If you don't know if this has happened to you, start a game and die. Then, wait to see the ingame scoreboard pop up. If it is a lot more than 8000, you should do the following:

1. Disconnect from Xbox Live.
2. Turn on you Xbox 360, go to the Xbox Guide, and press X to sign out of your profile.
3. Go to the Xbox Live arcade and start Gauntlet.
4. Once at the main menu of Gauntlet, turn on or plug in a second controller.
5. Select your main profile with the second controller and start a game with the second controller.
6. Now, you should start the game and die immidiately to see the ingame scoreboard as described before. It should no longer be the extremely high score that it was before.


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