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Goosebumps The Game The Ghost Next Door

Tutorial Name: Goosebumps The Game The Ghost Next Door  

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The Ghost Next Door

See to the needs of the 3 unexpected guests.

Story related, cannot be missed.

The three "unexpected guests", are ghosts that you need to get rid of to progress through the story. You will need three items to please these guests to get rid of them. The item for the first ghost is a postcard that is found in the mailbox outside the house which you will probably have picked up already if you are being thorough. For the second ghost, there are two ways. You will need either need the walkman you get from solving the chess puzzle, combined with the cassette from the old lady and the battery from the back of the robot in the guest room. Play the music for it for this one. Alternatively, see "It Came from the Internet!" for how to use your cell phone instead. For the third ghost, you need the to 1988 from the grandfather clock in the den and give it to him - you will need the screwdriver to get this. Once they all have their "gifts", this will unlock.


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