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Moon Diver Act. 3 CLEAR

Tutorial Name: Moon Diver Act. 3 CLEAR  

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Act. 3 CLEAR

Clear Stages 9-12.

This achievement cannot be missed, now these levels are the hardest levels within the whole game, they are twice as long so I would advice having a MC that can heal you or all your party members. Also have MC\'s that have powerful attacks this will make the levels easier and the enemies will die faster.

Remember the Planet Blaster Cannon, Act 1's boss? Well in Stages 9 and 10 it's a standard enemy! You can increase your health enough so that a single blast will not kill you, but quite frankly that's only useful if you keep your HP at its maximum consistently. If you're fighting one solo and you aren't going to be able to avoid its attack, quickly slide into it and take the physical damage; comparatively, it does so little damage that it barely matters.
On the same note as the above, sub-stage 9-3 does have a fight against two PBCs with no platforms to stand on. As far as I'm aware, ramming into them to take physical damage is the only way to avoid their lasers in single player.
Plasma cannons are more common in this act and deal hefty damage (twice as much as a hit from a laser cannon) if you let them cover the screen in bullets. Remember that they have to rotate to follow you, so keep their locations in mind, run below or behind them and strike at their blind spot, opposite their muzzle. Note that unlike laser cannons, plasma bullets will persist after using one of Niltor's MCs.
In Stages 11 and 12, the game gets an annoying new trick; spawning laser cannons. If you're playing solo, always keep the Niltor/Ceno combo handy, because you'll frequently be minding your own business and suddenly find yourself up against a few turrets out of nowhere!

Boss 4: this boss appears on stage 11, this boss is fairly simple. The enemy is a gaintic horse, basically all you need to do is try and stay in the middle of the horse and hit him. Stay away fom his front and back legs as he will hit you and it takes a lot of damge off. If you don't feel like getting so close to him you can use MC techniques that use range attacks such as "Thor's arc" or "kutohs taste", this will make the battle a lot easier I would also recommend keeping a healing technique on you just in case.

Final boss: I\'m not really good at explaining what to do for this boss so ill just add in a video. All credit goes to FranknStein:
YouTube - Moon Diver: Stage 12 - Final Boss


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