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Zeno Clash II

Tutorial Name: Zeno Clash II  

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Orphans' Gathering

Find all of your missing brothers and sisters and help them if they are in trouble.

The complete list of people you need to find and help is as follows:

Xetse is found on South Road during the main story.
Onpa is found in Family Plaza. He's house is the enterable one on the right hand side upon entering Family Plaza. You will need to defeat him and his brother for their side-quest to be completed. He will also be an available ally if you have level 3 Leadership.
Ermoses is found in the jail within Halstedom. When going upstairs to rescue Father-Mother he will call your name as you walk by. All you need to do is talk to him and rescue him. It requires 0 leadership points to have him become your ally.
Pott is found in the Garbage Canyon. You simply need to do the main quest mission associated with Pott and he will become an availble ally. He only requires 1 Leadership.
Therium is found in the Corwid Woods. His mission will be to kill 10 Rath-Birds for his mother's sculpture. Once it's done and you wait 1 day, you'll be able to recruit him (which you need to do to push the boat).
Gastornis is found in Rath-Bird Hill. You will need to defeat him, his family, and his mother in order to complete his help mission. He needs 2 Leadership for him to become an ally.
Henae is found in Tiamte Territory as you progress to the bottom of the area. Simply free her during the main story.
Deadra is found at the end of the Tiamte Territory playable area. Defeat the final boss to complete her side mission.

To unlock this achievement you DO NOT need to recruit each and every brother and sister. Rather you simply need to talk to, or help with their side quest. Some are certainly powerful members of your group, but again, you simply need to find/talk to/help them depending on what they need. Make sure to go through all of the dialog with them. You know you have completed that person when "talk" to them means bring them on as an ally.


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